Characteristics of the Workplace

The Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences is an organic part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences CPU in Nitra, which was created in collaboration with Institute of Landscape Ecology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. The department is accredited to offer a single-subject bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral study in a field of study Protection and Use of Landscape, study program Environmental Science. It also covers future teacher education with bachelor’s and master’s degree in the study program teaching of academic subjects (ecology in a study program ecology).

Study of ecology and environmental sciences contains and aims to acquiring theoretical basics for teaching ecology with the application on environmental problems. Another important thing is the ability to apply the knowledge in extra-curricular activities leading to education of youth focused on nature and environment protection. As a part of didactic preparation teachers organize workshops, ecological games, teach listeners on leading ecological and protection seminars and organization of important conservation activities. The scientific orientation of the department is supported by the rich project activity in home and international grant schemes. Its publication activity is currently oriented mainly on a research of structural links in landscape.